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The Pincer form of the impingement is typically secondary to “retroversion”, a turning back of the socket, “profunda”, a socket that is too deep, or "protrusio", a situation where the femoral head extends into the pelvis.

Most of the time, the Cam and Pincer forms exist together- i.e., "mixed impingement"..

Most patients can be diagnosed with a good history, physical exam, and plain x-ray films.

FAI associated pain typically does not go beyond the level of the knee.

No one knows if FAI is a condition that begins at birth (congenital and genetic association) or develops during periods of growth (acquired).

The pain test may help assess whether the pain is coming from inside the hip joint. While the cause is not well understood, patients with FAI often complain of low back pain.

This pain is often localized to the SI (sacroiliac joint on back of pelvis), the buttock, or greater trochanter (side of hip).

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