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The Milk Route is the official publication of the The National Association of Milk Bottle Collectors and another venue for articles published by BRG members which may be of interest to site users.

To quote from David Whitten's website - "(Toulouse's) the best reference work ever published on glass manufacturers' marks on bottles, but it does contain many errors which have been discovered...since it was first published." new information has been uncovered and older inaccurate information refined since the publishing of the book, much of which is now or soon to be available on this website as noted above. Toulouse's book may still be a useful "quick" reference source for maker's mark information.

If the mark was used for many years, we may have to rely on other considerations in order to date the piece within the mark's span of years.

(Website author's note: "considerations" would include manufacturing based diagnostic features - a primary goal of this website - and/or local research in to the user of the bottle, if that fact is known via embossing or labeling.) If the period of use of the mark was short, the age of the bottle may be pinpointed to a short period of time.

In short, though a lot of information is available there is still a lot yet unknown; the author of this website is a member of a group that is currently pursuing that task..on that below...

This important website section is devoted largely to the published articles of the Bottle Research Group (BRG) members - past, present..future (more below) - on most major bottle producers in the U. and a few Canadian, Mexican and English of charge!

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