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Post war production began in 1945 ('46 models) continuing the Mercury sequence (*99A-etc-.*) for both Fords and Mercurys.

This is due to the fact that the same 100hp 239 cubic inch engine was used in Fords and in Mercurys.

The sequence continued to the end of production in 1948, the only changes being in the 1947 prefix (799A) and in the 1948 prefix (899A).

The year end cut off numbers are only approximate as some assembly plants could have engines left over from the previous model year that would be assembled into cars for the next model year. This information was compiled from various sources and we wish to thank the Ford archives as well as each of the V-8 times advisors for their assistance.

Long ignored, the mid-size pickup truck segment has, in the last two years, been revitalized by the launch of the all-new Chevy Colorado, and the redesign of the incredibly long-in-the-tooth Toyota Tacoma. And now it looks like we could even get a Raptor performance version of that upcoming Ford. But as development of full-size trucks raced ahead, so too has their size.

Ford plans to re-enter the market now, too, reviving the legendary Ranger nameplate for the U. And that’s left many potential buyers wishing for something more manageable.

Both vehicles are highly anticipated by American enthusiasts.

Chicane Sport Tuning is Southern California's premier high-performance Mustang headquarters offering tuning and performance upgrades for all generations of Ford Mustang.

Factory-authorized Saleen Performance Parts dealer.

The video shows the upcoming Ranger Raptor performing the same kind of high-speed slides and jumps as the Ford F-150 Raptor can, in a similar sandy, open terrain.

The video drew immediate attention here in America, where it was picked up by every single automotive publication and garnered a ton of interest on enthusiast forums.

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