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A man was arrested on the night of Saturday, April 25 after leaving a 2-1/2 year old autistic child alone in his locked vehicle in the parking lot. The best place is all the way in the back then turn left to the brush piles. I was there today around noon and in no time at all I was the pivot man in a great threeway. There is more mold and mildew coming out of the AC than cold air. If there is someone interested in you he will give you lots eye contact and may come up to you for a chat. Most are married men who want to either get fucked or have their dick sucked. Store is on feeder road just before ramp to Delany/Century overpass. take Exit 15 (FM 1764/FM 2004) then use turnaround for southbound feeder road.

Store employees called police when they learned the ... I was at this place last night when the cleaning lights went on and in walked a slim blonde 45ish junkie type who announced to the only three patrons in the theatre (includin... This place is getting busted two or three times a week. Off I-40 turn left if going east or right if going west onto Lakeside Drive. On the right side of the road will be a small sign saying Triangle Drive. Turn right on the street that is right before the exit and follow the road as it curves around and then goes straight. Stand by your car, make eye contact and walk into the woods. The boat ramp parking lot at the dam is good after dark. Three miles from the Rio Grande Campground in the National Park. On occasion, I have been with some really hot men including... The back of the park gets closed down in the winter months.

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Last Sunday night a patrol car was shining lights on parked cars and questioning guys. Local TV says three men were arrested for exposing themselves and/or committing lewd acts (masturbation). In Central Texas conveniently accessible from Waco, Temple, Killeen, Fort Hood, Bryan/College Station, Austin, and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The best time to find any action is usually around 5 pm on weekdays. I have seen them search cruiser's car's, and eve... Go on the road that is by the high rises and the public beach, not towards East Beach, which is a pay beach. Continue straight onto a dirt road which dead ends at a parking lot.

Open stalls make for easy action but the door opens straight to the stalls, so it's a bit risky. Take Hwy 181/35 east of Corpus Christi, crossing the Nueces Bay Causeway. Take the first exit after crossing the bridge, the Moore Avenue exit, and make a U-turn, then exiting at the Indian Point sign about a mile down.

The store is on the north side of the highway, accessed via the frontage road.

I have had more luck on the main trail -- I think it is called Iron Bridge. Place could use some improvements [mdash] only bench seats, no booths or gloryholes [mdash] but I've had luck five out of the six times I've gone. He was instructing his son on how to do great head. I sit in the next to the last one, when a guy walks in, he goes past me to the last stall and checks me out. Corpus Christi police patrols are up, day and night. Guys usually come in the mornings to get sucked off, but I've found guys even in the late afternoon and evening. The guys that come in here are pretty hot (for the most part). After a few hours they will ID you, and take down your information. Go all the way down and follow the signs for East Beach. It will curve to the right there will be a sign pointing ahead to Queens Point.

You need to be sure the place is empty or everyone there is cool. There is often a guy who does not seem interested at all, just sitting in the stall and whenever anyone else does something he unclips his phone from his shorts. Went there last week, jacked in my car and watched a guy pull up to another car, get out and flash his cock. Before he drove away he turned towards me and I go... I was in the john and got sucked off by a guy and his eighteen year old 'son'. There are about five stalls in the restroom across from the pier. I told him and he gave me a ticket for not having my parking break on! The local sheriff is watching closely and tracking the time you are there. There has been a lot of development between Rivery Blvd and Rivery Park, a 7-story hotel with huge ballroom, apartments, and condos overlooking the park. Located approximately ten miles south of Greenville just before Lone Oak. This place is hit-or-miss but some nights there are so many cruisers you can't park. I have had great times here and the cops never bother folks -- drive-throughs... It seems that it is best if you have a vehicle with deeply tinted windows so no one can see because I got sucked off during the day. From I-35 in Denton head south, exit at Swisher Road (exit 458) and cross over I-35 onto Denton Drive. Follow Main Street into Westlake Park and continue straight down the road.

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