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Season 1 focuses on Ryan Atwood's arrival in Newport Beach to live with Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, who take him in after his mother kicks him out.

A major theme of the first season is the culture shock Ryan feels as he adjusts from a life of domestic abuse and poverty to living in a superficial high-class society.

Yesterday, Fox News reported that President Obama’s daughter, Malia, had elected to attend Harvard University after taking a year off from school.

It seemed an innocuous enough story, but readers of Fox News proved nothing is off-limits when attacking a black president, his wife, and his children.

Manufactured rage over the “race card” is part of their daily schedule.

Season 2 ends with Marissa shooting Trey after Ryan confronts him for attempting to sexually assault Marissa.

The Bait Shop becomes a prominent social destination for the teenage characters.

A number of recurring characters are introduced, such as D.

White males are not inherently more capable or intelligent as a group.

No one is “taking” their opportunities away, as those opportunities should never have belonged solely to white males.

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