Now keep staring straight ahead as best you can without flinching.It is extremely difficult and even impossible, but the thing is to keep trying in the face of continuous failure/disaster/pain... Meditation really cuts to the chase because it is self-mastery in its purest form.When you approach a girl with 'want', she senses it and begins to resist you because you're coming from a place of "I'm here to get some approval" rather than "I'm just here to entertain myself."Which is why swear words really work wonders for one's game.The person who swears in front of total strangers can really only feel comfortable doing so because they have a certain amount of inner fulfillment and therefore aren't totally focused on gaining approval.Topics include: Stephane and student discuss today's highly-charged political climate as seen from the viewpoint of nonlinear context and the underlying spiritual reality, illuminating the truth and essence of what is Topics include: Zen Warrior pickup style Sample: "As soon as the girl has struck out three times — as in baseball — as soon as she's done three things that are evil/hurtful, your job is to ride off into the sunset, and, for God's sake, keep your dignity, your self-respect, your power. If she has no heart under those perfect tits, I disappear her from my reality." —Stephane Hemon Description: In this double-sized ebook, Stephane Hemon discusses 'critical factors' which pertain to advanced qualifying for those serious about 'weeding out' potential partners who may have certain personality disorders or might otherwise be incapable of, or unwilling to, love.


Also included are commentary about Trump and the current political climate, as well as dating, emotionality, PTSD, spirituality, health, pets, and more.In other words, as soon as you 'want', you become blind because the desire automatically glamorizes the wanted object or person. Scammers will sense that I'm vulnerable because, well, I want.So they'll come in with their tempting offers, and I'll be really gullible and stupidly fall for things that a more mature person who already feels fulfilled would easily see right through.Or, the opposite of being the reactionary puppydog who thoughtlessly follows his feelings and instincts. It's because that uniform is like a reassurance of self-control & stoicism. People go up to them and they test them, you know...His hands are tied by it, he's on a leash, so to speak. and the guy has to just remain poised and ready for anything.

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