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The religious beliefs of the two groups as related to creation differed quite profoundly.

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Today, the mission compound serves as a museum, with the Serra Chapel within the compound serving as a chapel for the mission parish.

When a dwelling reached the end of its practical life it was simply burned, and a replacement erected in its place in about a day's time.

The former Spanish settlement at Sajavit lies within that area occupied during the late Paleoindian period and continuing on into the present day by the Native American society commonly known as the Juaneño; Many contemporary Juaneño, who identify themselves as descendents of the indigenous society living in the local San Juan and San Mateo Creek drainage areas, have adopted the indigenous term Acjachemen.

Their language was related to the Luiseño language spoken by the nearby Luiseño tribe.

The Acjachemen territory extended from Las Pulgas Creek in northern San Diego County up into the San Joaquin Hills along Orange County's central coast, and inland from the Pacific Ocean up into the Santa Ana Mountains.

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