Shoes shoes shoes dating

We got more than 110,000 individual ratings, and more than 2,000 write-in comments.

The women showed very similar tastes, both in what they liked and what they loathed.

Shoe price correlated zero with overall rating, and only modestly with how much women thought the shoe cost.

You don’t have to break the bank when you’re shopping for shoes.

There was nothing specifically appealing about leather, per se, it was more that leather shoes look nicer, which codes to women that you are at least making an effort.

It has been said that shoes reflect your mood or personality.

Exuberating with a playful charm, stripes and dots add that certain je ne sais quoi.

There was a statistically significant strain of cowboy lust among our survey participants, for instance.

The problem is that you’re unlikely to know that about a woman before the first date, so you’re better off just wearing normal shoes to be on the safe side. DON’T WEAR ATHLETIC SHOES Vans and Converse scored O.

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