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Eaton is a town of 1800 Hoosiers in east central Indiana, seventy-one miles from Indianapolis.It’s a commercial center for the many farms in that part of the state. Its water winds up in New Orleans through the Wabash, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. One never knows everything going on around him, does one?Yesterday, Mary Ann invited herself and me to a classy shindig tonight at the Abita Brewpub. Not as in “the Grand Old Opry,” but real opera voices, at least two of which were in the operas we attended during the past year.MA continued to work on that salad, while I indulged myself in a pair of swordfish fillets, firm and cleanly flavored, if a little high at . Turn the shrimp and return to the broiler until the cheese begins to melt. That’s the land bordered by the Mississippi River, Bayou Manchac, Amite River, Pass Manchac, Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Gulf of Mexico. Napoleon told them he’d like to sell all of Louisiana, from Canada on down, for the United States.I am finding more and more attraction to swordfish everywhere I dine these days, and this sampling of it equally excellent. I wonder what New Orleans would be like now if the Louisiana Purchase had not happened.

This is not entirely undesirable, although the word itself is unappetizing in that context.

Ezra Cornell, who made his fortune with the telegraph and the Western Union Company that he co-founded, was born today in 1807.

He endowed Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, one of the leading colleges for careers in the hotel and restaurant industries. who led his family’s Pontchartrain Hotel here in New Orleans, was one of many of our local Cornell lights.

I’ve had great rhubarb pie (in the diner of a train), and for many years Paul Thomas Winery in Washington State made a wonderful wine from rhubarb.

The vegetable has big leaves (borderline poisonous) and a long, red, edible stalk; after trimming, it looks like red celery. It will persuade those around you that you’re a real gourmet.

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